At Flathead Travel Service, you can expect the very best. Besides a fabulous cup of coffee and a tall cold drink of water, you will receive sincere and diligent service, convenience, personalized attention, time-savings, creative and pleasurable trip-planning, and a buddy in your corner if things go awry. There is more to a travel agent than just booking a ticket, and at Flathead Travel, there’s a great deal more! First and foremost, you – our clients, are the most important thing in the room, and we aim to serve above and beyond expectation. We have several convenient locations found throughout the lovely state of Montana, a toll free number, and no appointment is ever required to come in and see us. We aspire to make it very easy for you to connect with us.

We know how to listen and when to act. We pay attention to you and attention to detail, while considering the most cost effective methods and savings. We arrange your travel when, where, and the way you want it. We ensure that every trip, from the time you start dreaming and planning, to the time you are sitting at home once again, regaling your friends and family with fabulous stories and photos, is satisfying and memorable. We will plan and provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Because you choose to work with us, we have a personal investment in you and your travel experience, and we want you to enjoy it optimally!

What really sets Flathead Travel Service apart, from all the other industry choices, is our longevity, size, clout, reputation, service, and lastly, our character and work ethic. We endeavor tirelessly to maintain that distinction and to put that to work for you.