What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Ms. Jo Cheff

“By the way, I wanted to mention that Flathead Travel certainly has a stellar reputation. We have had numerous people recommend you to us, and vouch for your professionalism and honesty. You and your staff have upheld your family business tradition very well. …we are grateful for your willingness [to help] and hard work.” 

Kylanne Sandelin

I needed to to book a rather complicated (for me!) trip this summer involving traveling to pick up my very elderly mother in the Keys, bringing her back home with me to Montana for a months visit, then both of us traveling to a family wedding in Indiana, then me flying her back to her home in Florida, then me (finally!) returning to Montana!  Now I think that booking a trip online for one person there and back is a nightmare, let alone one as complicated as this.  I called up Flathead Travel in Whitefish to see if they could help.  I cannot even TELL you what a great idea this was!  Micki was amazing.  From finding me an even better rate than I could have found online, to making sure a wheelchair was at each and every stop for my mom, to checking in with me prior, during and after just to see how the journey went!   The very minimal fee for their services is SO worth it I will never book online again. Ever. Leaving that to the professionals at Flathead Travel from here on out .  Thank you Micki.  Your customer service, friendliness, and competency are very much appreciated.

Mac & Cj

“Alexis, thank you for everything. I was pleasantly surprised that the ticket was even less than we we originally thought. I do appreciate you expediting this for me. Everyone who uses on-line, thinks they get a DEAL. I don’t think anyone could find a better price and thank you again for your service.” 


Director of Business Development Tamarack Air Management


“Flathead Travel is a professional team of travel agents, dedicated to understanding our business needs and booking convenient and cost effective itineraries for our domestic and international travelers. We are a global business and spend in excess of $1,000,000 each year in air travel. In the past four years, we have compared Flathead Travel against on-line booking tools and bigger metropolitan agencies, and the benefits of having a dedicated agent who understands our travel needs outweigh any possible benefits a larger agency might claim. Flathead Travel is large enough to serve our demanding needs, but small enough to provide exceptional, personalized customer service.”

Ms. Charrisse Bourquin

“Carrie, we just returned from our trip to France and we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Without your efforts I know we would not have had such a good time. The hotels you recommended were wonderful and  perfect locations. The train accommodations you ordered were exactly where we needed to go. With very little work on our part, it was a perfect vacation. We can’t thank you enough.” 

Ms. Benilda Delgado

"We are back from Florida and had a wonderful time. We would like to thank you, Micki for all you did to make this work. You went above and beyond to make this trip work using the frequent flyer miles. Thank you so much. People like you and Ned are the reasons why we only use Flathead Travel for our travel needs."

Ms. Cary Uzelman

“Hello, Trish. On behalf of Jay and myself as we mentioned we would like to buy you a thank you drink/coffee/snack whatever the case may be for all your help (and patience) LOL! …If we don’t see you just a note of thanks again for the outstanding service you have provided us and we are really looking forward to this trip and the golf…you have pulled off the perfect golf package for us!!” 

Cheryl and Dan McKenty

"Bonnie, Dan and I want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for such a great trip you helped us arrange. Your recommendations of CIE and Celebrity were so incredibly SPOT-ON, and that truly helped make it the trip of a lifetime! You do Flathead Travel proud and we will not hesitate to spread the word.” 


“I just LOVE walking in to Flathead Travel! Every time I come in, I feel SO good! Everyone greets me with such enthusiasm! It’s such a happy place! Everyone’s so excited and cheerful! So fun! Every time I’m here, it just makes me happy!” 

Ed and Beverlee

We just wanted to say thank you for everything.  The precious and beautiful memories you helped us create will last a lifetime!! 

Jeremy Boswell

In these days of online travel bookings, it’s better to do it all oneself right? Nothing could be further from the truth.

I was sitting in a hotel room in northern Manitoba, Canada. It was half past midnight. I has just returned from a charter flight to do a mining inspection in Nunavut, near the Arctic Circle. I had a suitcase full of wet clothes, after a day in the rain. And I was trying to rebook a set of flights to the USA, to accommodate a day’s delay in my plans, on account of some iffy northern late summer weather. It took me over two hours. At last I could sleep. At 2.30am. That was me trying to do it on my own. Never again.

Since my arrival in Calgary in 2008 I had been looking without success for a good travel agent. I tried a few. The ones you see in shopping malls. All as useless as the next. Stuck with doing it on my own.

Then about three years ago I was introduced to Flathead travel in Kalispell, Montana, while doing a ski hill booking for Christmas. My travel worries were over.

One example: Last summer I flew to Houston to collect my 16 year old son, en route to visit our friends in Florida. Just after my arrival in Houston, a torrential downpour over the airport caused the cancellation of about 20 flights that afternoon. I rushed to the airline counter to get a new booking. 150 people in front of me. Not moving at all. Then I thought, “Let’s just phone Flathead Travel!”. Within 45 minutes, we had a new flight booked for the next morning, a car, and a local hotel. All booked by Flathead Travel while we relaxed and had tea in an airport restaurant.

Weather delays have affected my flying plans at least five times in the past three years, and I don’t fly very often. That is a good enough reason to use Flathead Travel indefinitely. That’s not the only reason though: Nothing is too much trouble for them. After-hours changes in plans, researching travel options and ideas in unusual destinations, remembering travel preferences and passport details, resolving ticket refund challenges with airlines, tracking down lost luggage, saving money. Best of all, their customer service. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Lisa, Micki, or whoever is on duty that day.

I hope they will always be there for me when I’m stuck in an airport somewhere.

Dan Graber

I was trying to get home for Thanksgiving and could not find any flights, so I called Flathead Travel. They saved my hide. Not only did Patsy & company save me $300, but they also got me on the fastest flight available. I definitely will be a repeat customer. I cannot say enough things about these guys. This is exactly what a travel agency should be like. Patsy is a nice person to talk to and she gets things done.