Our Philosophy

At Flathead Travel Service, our fundamental ethic is Trust. We say what we do and we do what we say. Our word is our bond.  With solid integrity, we stand behind what we do, and during times of rain or shine you can count on us. If there’s a glitch, we fix it, we change it, and do whatever it takes to get the results you need and desire. It’s all about performance at Flathead Travel. It’s a company that still operates on a handshake and values it’s relationships as its most valuable assets – our patrons. So much of the travel business is now done over the phone or via email. Some of our clients have never even met us face-to-face. They don’t even know who we really are. It’s a relationship built on voices. It takes a great deal of faith to trustingly hand over your passport numbers, credit card numbers, dates-of-birth, to a faceless voice. We endeavor to construct and deserve that one-of-a-kind faith. Our commitment to hard work, honesty, reliability, follow-through, is but one way we build and maintain trust. It’s a good feeling to work with individuals and a company you can really count on. Flathead Travel Service is that company.

What we represent

To our customers, we represent attentive, reliable service. We represent quality, seamless travel, effortless and fun travel-planning, and rock-solid performance. We represent a foundation, strong, based in the dominate industry greats and fortified by knowledge and experience. Though we are recognized by all the renowned players within the travel industry, including Delta, United, Disney, Amtrak, NFIB, CLIA – for a start, most of our customers care less about who all of our suppliers, vendors and affiliations are, and more about what that clout and industry power accomplishes for them, in providing time-savings, terrific travel and honest value.

Flathead Travel represents a local, family-owned business that is known to be of service and an avid supporter of their local and state communities. We represent a company who acknowledges and cares for the whole village. We jump in to volunteer and give where we can. The community knows they can count on us to assist them in a myriad of ways. We represent relationship, our business is built on it, and our gratification comes from it.

We represent global power with local presence. We represent global expertise, and peace-of-mind-serviceWe represent fun, excitement, ease and pleasure. We represent an experience, discovery, exploration and the manifested imagination. We represent fulfilled desires and accomplished goals.  We represent you.